Cessna/Reims F172M (SE-GMD) for sale

Stockholms-flyg is now selling SE-GMD, a Cessna/Reims F172M in good condition. Year of manufacture is 1975. The aircraft has been registered in Sweden since 1976, and Stockholms-flyg has been the proud owner of it since 1976.

This information is also available in swedish.

Basic information

Model: Cessna/Reims F172M
Year of manufacture: 1975
Airworthiness certificate (ARC) valid until: 2017
Total flying time: 16366h
Engine runtime (TSOH/TBOH): 2359h/2400h
Propeller runtime (TSOH/TBOH): 353h/2000h
Price (excl. of VAT): EUR 24 600


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Detailed information

2 x fuel tank (91l), engine (Lycoming O-320-E20), starter, alternator (14V / 60A), 2 x magneto, carburator, oil cooler, oil filter (Full Flow), oil drain valve (Quick Drain).

Propeller (Mc Cauley 1C160/DTM 7553), propeller spinner.

2 x main gear wheel with break, nose gear wheel, 3 x wheel fairing.

VHF/COMM (King KX-155), VOR+ILS/LLZ (King KI-209), ADF (King KR-87 w King KI-227), microphone, earphone, cabin speaker, transponder (King KT-76A), emergency transmitter/ELT (Narco ELT 10), marker (King KMA-24), transponder altitude encoder (AT 3000), DME (King KN-64), intercom (Sigtronic SPA-400).

Airspeed indicator, 2 x altimeter, magnetic compass, variometer, turn and bank indicator, attitude indicator, heading indicator, vacuum gauge/warning light, outside air temperature indicator, aircraft clock, tachometer, 2 x fuel level gauge, oil pressure indicator, oil temperature indicator, charge indicator/warning light, alternative static port, flaps indicator, stall warning horn, low-voltage warning light.

Vacuum pump, battery (12V / 25Ah), landing light, taxi light, 3 x navigation light, anti-collision light, instrument light, cabin light, heated pitot tube, electric engine heater (TANIS TAS-100-02).

4 x seat belt, 2 x shoulder harness, rear view mirror, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, handheld flashlight, pilot operating handbook.

More information

To get more information and to book an inspection/test flight, please contact Stockholms-flyg representative Joakim Mared, +46 70-787 71 76, joakim.mared@stockholmsflygklubb.se. The aircraft is currently based on Stockholm Skavsta (ESKN) airport.